‘Moving online with a creative purpose’

Our Creative Movement class moved online during lockdown and has proven to be a ‘God Send!”

We meet every Tuesday morning, as we have done for the past 14 years, to dance, sing and share our gratitudes. We are a strong dancing family with some of the women having been there from the very first class. We dance from our living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and hallways….even a pandemic hasn’t stopped us!!

To have the routine and consistency of meeting every week to move our bodies and laugh together has been invaluable to me and the ladies. One of my gratitudes every week is to each and every one of them for showing up and being willing to adapt, which was not the easiest feat having navigated through a fair few technical hitches. But now we are all in the swing with our zoom dancing class, it’s certainly not the same as being together in the studio but we get to see one another’s smiling faces and proves we are creative adaptable beings who will always find a way to Dance!

“We’ve been brought together and we all have this intense sense of thankfulness. I’ve felt more supported than ever before. It’s so natural and organic, once a week, every Tuesday morning, we show up and we’re there for everyone. It’s a real sense of community. It’s deeper than just a class.”- Elizabeth