About Lauren

About Lauren Dowse, Creative Coach, Educator and Artist in East Sussex

I feel very fortunate to work with people of all ages and backgrounds as Creative Coach, Expressive Arts Educator and certified Tamalpa practitioner and being a multidisciplinary artist is the basis for all my work. Dance, art and creative writing continue to be a powerful source of inspiration for me and I believe engaging in my own creative practice keeps me grounded and energised and therefore able to support others.

I have a continued commitment to my own personal and professional development, as I love what I do and I love growing and expanding.

My own personal journey hasn’t always been easy but it has enabled me to know that it’s possible, not just to overcome adversity, but to thrive from it. It has also given me the gift of being able to look for and see the true strength in people and to nurture and encourage that strength.

The greatest gift you can give someone is your highest expectation of them

— Abraham Hicks

My Story

My life as a creative began way before I was born…this is my dad, he was a compere and comedian. 

This is my Mum, my inspiration, a rock and roll queen in her early years then turned her life around in her fifties when she followed her dream and became a line dance teacher and danced way into her seventies.


This is my beloved brother Lee, he was a clown and street theatre performer and devoted his life to making people laugh…I believe he’s still laughing on the other side.

I live in a lovely village just outside Brighton with my teenage daughter, which is a whole other creative and wonderful pursuit in itself!

Movement and dance have been a significant part of my life since I was 15 years old when I saw a woman dancing with fire. I was completely mesmerised as the flames leapt around her body and from that day on I began teaching myself to dance with fire. During this time my father was diagnosed with a terminal illness, it was a devastating and heartbreaking time but when I moved I felt a of sense safety and freedom. Dance continued to support me through more challenging times that followed and this sparked a deep passion in me to dedicate my life to creativity and to supporting others to empower themselves through the arts.

My Background and Qualifications

I have worked in the field of dance/performance art for over 25 years. I began my training with a sponsorship to the National Centre for Circus Arts, London, specialising in Static Trapeze. My professional career began as a collaboration with music producer Sven Vath where I devised and choreographed large scale live art events for over ten years. As a solo artist I devised and performed in a variety of contexts from the Natural History Museum and Hackney Empire, London to Windsor Castle Classical Music festival and the World Top Model Show, Zurich, appearing with Grace Jones.

I went on to study at The University of Brighton with Professor Liz Aggiss and gained a First Class BA Hons in Dance and Visual Art. I then began to take my work into the education and outreach sector beginning with a 1 year internship at South East Dance Agency, Brighton. This led me to the position of Artistic Director for Comart Dance Group, a project for young vulnerable women, funded by The Scarman Trust. I continued my work with marginalised young people and families as a key worker and workshop facilitator for Veritas programmes, funded by The Wishing Tree Trust and on a peer-mentoring programme, The V Project, funded by As You Are counselling service, Brighton. I was also part of a care team for A4e delivering art and movement sessions to young adults with Autism.

My most recent performance credits include choreographer for BBC’s Sid Sloan in Sid’s Show, written by Rachel Fuminger, movement director for The Grandfathers, new writing by Rory Mullarkey for the National Theatre Connections and devising both solo and group ensemble pieces for the late Dr Jill Hayes memorial, Chichester University. Solo dancer for Dance Professionals Fund promotion film in collaboration with Brighton Film School. Devising and performing A Thing with Feathers, Carnival of Invention Conference, University of Brighton, and solo dancer in The Wood, music video production, collaboration with New Note Orchestra. 

I continue to actively develop my knowledge and expertise of delivering the arts to vulnerable populations having completed a professional mentoring scheme with the National Alliance for Arts in Criminal Justice and running workshops for the education team and service users at Clean Break, London, a theatre-based education company supporting the rehabilitation of women with experience of the criminal justice system.

I currently work as a wellbeing mentor and creative coach at the Academy of Contemporary Music, London and have a private practice in the South East providing creative coaching to people from all walks of life. I also teach a seniors creative movement class in my local community having taught in many settings including the University of Brighton and The Royal Shakespeare Company.

In my work, I am dedicated to raising awareness of supporting recovery from addiction through the arts and I continue to develop and facilitate projects for Create Recovery Arts Charity. I am presently devising expressive performance lectures on addiction through my own autobiographical enactment of recovery and am just embarking on a new project collaborating with local musicians creating theatre ensemble pieces that reflect the personal stories of revival after the destruction of addiction.

I am also a visual artist and writer, my poetry and artwork have been used for various publications, including Soul and Spirit in Dance Movement Psychotherapy by Dr Jill Hayes, Jessica Kingsley Publishers. I am also a long term member of Equity.

I started my training in Expressive Arts Education and Therapy at Tamalpa UK and in 2014 was awarded an ArtCorps Scholarship for condemnable work from the Tamalpa Institute, USA, where I completed my training. I am now a fully certified Tamalpa Practitioner and an Associate Teacher at Tamalpa UK.

How I Work

I work with a kinesthetic learning approach and use somatic principles, which is the practice of mindfulness in the present moment of our physical, mental and emotional experience. The intention is to provide a platform to create and move from an authentic place of sensing,..coming home to the Body and Imagination.

I use the Tamalpa Life/Art Process® as the basis of my work which combines movement, art and creative writing. It is aimed at enhancing the clients’ understanding of themselves, their minds and their bodies, in order to align them to their true natural state of well being. I also use many are other practices and teachings in my work that can powerfully affect the mind, body and emotions, to literally navigate towards the life they aspire to be living, so my work is incredibly powerful and effective. I love to create a space that allows people to feel  seen, heard and acknowledged.

I can support individuals and groups throughout Sussex and the South East, including London.

Why not email me or call on 07791 339045 to find out more?


My coaching is NOT about being a great dancer, a fantastic writer or a brilliant artist. You are in control and will decide what works for you. Your ‘stick man’ may have something valuable to say.
Perhaps you have a block with drawing. No problem, let’s start with a word or small movement, rather than an image. My role is to guide then perhaps we can extend it or expand it in some way and it may lead you to a new experience and perspective.
As we work with keys, so-called because they can “lead us in” to the drawings, movement or creative writing, all work is within your personal boundaries. You’ll be considering colours, shapes and symbols, maybe creating simple marks on a piece of paper with colours that mean something to you or that you are simply drawn to.
You may be amazed at what you can achieve.

An exploratory session will take you into your mind and body. What do I mean by this? I may ask what are you feeling now and where are you feeling it? What are you experiencing in your body? Or what are your thought patterns and beliefs around a certain subject or situation? What emotions are you experiencing? My aim is to support you, to listen to you, to hear you and acknowledge you. We may use one or all of the art mediums to move with, travel through or express whatever is happening in the moment. We may work with mind focusing tools and exercises to steer your thoughts in the direction you aspire to be going.

No, not at all. I aim to see, hear and to help you identify what’s going on in your body and your mind. I don’t interpret or give my opinion. This is about seeing, feeling and imagining. I may encourage you to move outside your comfort zone, but you will be supported, always moving back to creativity and expressing whatever needs to be expressed through the arts. You’ll be able to manage, harness and contain any difficult feelings you may have through the creative practice with the intention of connecting you to your inner guidance, your vitality and life force.

You may benefit from several sessions or reach your own breakthrough in our first meeting. Some of my clients really enjoy the freedom to create images, to write and to move in a safe environment on a regular basis.