Mind and Body

Mind and Body:

20th January 2020

I have been so focused of this idea to come out of the mind and get into the body…. so for years I spent focusing on embodied practices, dance and movement which have been hugely valuable but I lost sight of how the mind is so fundamental in how we experience ourselves and how we create our life experience.

As Buddha said ‘The mind is everything. What you think you become”

Now my ultimate practice is this integration of the mind and body. I watch and observe the thoughts I am thinking and know they have direct access to my experience. I practice focusing my mind towards better feeling thoughts and my emotions are my indicators of what I am thinking. I feel grateful that I have a very powerful connection with my body, I know how to track and stay embodied and I know moving and expressing my body has a profound impact on my overall wellbeing. I can feel into my body and I can track how the thoughts I am thinking affect me. I can move my body into a place of freedom and inspiration. In my experience the power of intention and creativity have no bounds. I have literally drawn, itched, danced, shaken, painted, scribbled, sculpted, ran, skipped, rolled, curled and written myself out of utter despair when there really was nothing else I could do to bare myself.
Now I am in a good place not because my outside conditions have dramatically changed but because I am secure in the knowing I can deliberately create my own reality through my intentional thoughts and when I am challenged or stuck I am extra gentle and kind with myself, my ‘go to’ place is not to scold myself anymore, which is a miracle and huge progress for me. When I am gentle, I know the storm will pass and it always does.
I am grateful to have reached this place of awareness: that its important to keep moving and my body and to keep active in my mental practice, to keep thinking better feeling thoughts and to keep moving and….Reaching for that silver lining cause in my experience I have always found one.

This is a drawing I made at the end of my first year of training as a Tamalpa practitioner. It’s called “Rainbows from Scraps”, because I used all the left over oil pastels from an entire year of drawing. Sometimes drawing myself through such harsh pain I wasn’t sure I would come out the other side. Some of my drawings were really gruesome but I have kept them all, they are like maps that navigated me out of a deep dark cave. Giving myself that first year to process my own personal material was fundamental in allowing me to now hold and listen to others. It was an incredible time of growth and lit that spark to offers others a place to create.

I am so excited to share my stories, experiences and knowledge with you and pass on all the incredible tools, gifts, methods and teachings that have guided and supported me along the way.