Future Projects

The LifeArt Theatre Project

The LifeArt Theatre Project is a concept born from the tremendous success of the LifeArt Course which has been running for the past four consecutive years in Brighton.

The LifeArt course is an arts based project that uses dance, art and creative writing to explore the spiritual principles that underpin the 12 step recovery programme. It is offered to women who are in abstinence based recovery from drug and alcohol misuse and other destructive behaviours, it also supports family members affected by addiction and is funded by Create Recovery Arts Charity.

The LifeArt Theatre Project is a collaborative piece of work with local musicians, dancers, writers and visual artists who are in recovery. It will begin as improvisation sessions expanding on and developing the idea of the creative exploration of the spiritual principles of the 12 Steps. The material will be devised from the interaction between the artists and reflections on personal stories and will form the basis of the work to be used for a final performance.
The aim of the performance is to offer audiences a glimpse of the profound and brave journey a person takes when they go into recovery and begin to reclaim their lives after addiction. The overall intention of the project is to spread a message of inspiration and hope and to support the continued growth of a local thriving, creative, recovery community.

The LifeArt Exhibition Project

The Life Art exhibition will offer an opportunity for the participates of the Life Art Course, to show their work, to be witnessed and acknowledged for their unique gifts and potential, to tell their stories, to be heard, seen and valued. During the exhibition, there will be live poetry readings and storytelling that collaborates with the images that were generated throughout the course. The LAC combines movement, visual art and creative writing to access the innate wisdom of the body and the transformative power of the imagination and since 2016 has supported over 50 local women who are in recovery from addiction themselves, or who have an addict in their life – in most cases, a son or daughter. The large majority of these women are aged 60 or over and they represent a category that is often ‘forgotten’, as most of the services which are offered focus on younger people or on the addicts themselves, rather than their families.  In this sense, the LAC is truly unique as it aims to reach a group of people that can often be overlooked and neglected.

I believe their stories offer a message of hope and provide a powerful resource to others. Living with addiction can be a lonely, isolating and terrifying experience: having a public exhibition can be an opportunity to raise awareness of recovery, to outreach to others who are suffering with addiction either themselves or struggling to cope with family members affected by addiction or mental health. We will have women who have attended the LAC available throughout the exhibition available to speak to the public and speak about the course and their experience.

Through this work, participants gain a greater sense of confidence in themselves and others, and can begin to feel inspired and excited about life. Instead of being addicted to destructive habitual behaviours, they can use the arts to bring inspiration and vibrancy to their lives in a healthy and productive way. The intention of the project is to empower the course participants through the creative and therapeutic process leading to an increased sense of fulfilment and value in their own lives. It is also an opportunity to strengthen community ties and   foster social inclusion by offering a chance for people in recovery to connect with local artists, organisations and institutions. I am so excited to offer this incredible experience to both the creators of the art and the public.