My name is Lauren Dowse

I love living this life as a creative and I have a passionate commitment to supporting others to connect to their inspiration, vitality and excitement using the expressive arts. My work is a culmination of my entire life experience…exploring LiFe and ArT
I have worked in the field of dance/performance for over two decades and have learnt many disciplines along the way. As an artist, expressive arts educator and coach I use embodied creative processes and mindful practices to tap into the wisdom of the body and the power of the imagination with the intention to literally become the powerful creator of our own life.

“Design a life that you are inspired to live”
– Annette White

Freedom through the Creative Arts

I’ve navigated through many of my own personal challenges and I now support others in my objective to help them overcome restricting, destructive thoughts and behaviours and live a wholesome, inspired life.
As an expressive arts educator I have dedicated many years to devising, developing and delivering courses and workshops that support individuals creatively who are going through abstinence based recovery from all forms of addiction, family members affected by addiction, people in the criminal justice sector and other marginalised populations. My work is funded by Create Recovery Arts Charity for more information go to Life Art Courses.
I have a rich history of Theatre making and performing and continue to make pieces reflecting on thought provoking and emotive themes. I also provide creative mentoring and consultancy to practising and aspiring artists offering many tools, methods and guidance to achieve their goals and visions and reach their optimum creativity. My own journey with creativity is one which, I believe, could inspire others therefore I offer impactful Performance Lectures with a clear message of personal redemption through the arts.
Read more about my background, qualifications and how I got to where I am now.
Our journey together will an exciting forward thinking adventure designed to connect you to who you really are!…
I look forward to hearing from you email me via contact page or call 07791 339045

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